PP Melt Blown Recycling Extruder
PP non-woven cloth trim edge recycling extruder
PURUI Plastic PP/PE Film Recycling Extruder /ML model recycling extruder with agglomerating compactor
/"Three in One" Recycling Extruder

Application: PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), PP polypropylene flexible packaging material (BOPP, OPP), PET film, printed and non-printed, and foamed material such as EPE EPP EPS, also filament, raffia, nylon, etc. 

This compactor integrated pelletizing system benefits recycled material without pre-cutting
Compacting structure with space saving
Power saving with high output (0.28kwh/kg)

General working process:
Belt conveyor transfer material into shredding compactor. 
The interlock control system between belt convey to and shredding compactor ensure balance feeding without melted compactor. 
At the bottom of shredding compactor, there is one cutter board. with centrifugal force,  recycled material get pre-cut by inside rotary cutters and stationary cutters. 
After that, material goes into degassing screw from side of compactor.
With screw heating, plastic becomes semi-plastification material. 
And then, semi-plastic material get cut into pellets. 

Main Machine Parts:

Main Technical Parameter
Screw diameter(mm)7585100130160180
L/D26 to 33

Advanced (high efficiency with power saving)

Screw diameter(mm)7585100130160180
L/D26 to 37
Output(kg/h)100-150200-350400 to 550600 to 800800 to 10001000-1200

Detail of Machine

Belt conveyor

To transfer material into shredding compactor



Cutter gate valves benefit recycling extruder can recycle various material at balance feeding speed, and avoid melted compactor


Belt conveyor and compactor get controlled by interlock

(once the temperature of compactor surpass the setting temperature, as the same time, the compactor ampere go increase too much, belt conveyor will get forced stopped automatically. Water sprayer also start at work)





Main Extruder

Gear box: high torque, low noise,external connect with cooling recycling system;

Screw: 38CrMoA1A, Nitrogen treatment;

Barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen treatment, barrel wind-cooling;

Temperature controller HRC: 60-62          


Vacuum system

With absorb the impurity into vacuum system at large extent

PURUI offer twin vacuum system, triple vacuum system, and separated vacuum system
















Filtering System

To filter the waste in the melt plastic in close working space





Pelletizing system 

Water ring cutting system

Pull strip pelletizing way

Underwater cutting system


Pellets Drying

Centrifugal dewatering system and devatering vibration system offer for customer choosing


Electrical Control System

Main motors( compactor, mother extruder, baby extruder) are  SIEMENS/ABB brand

RKC temperature controller

SIEMENS/ABB frequency transducer control the main motor

SIEMENS/ABB transducer controls the speed of belt conveyor and pelletizing.

CARLO solid-state relay from Sweden

Other low pressure electric is SCHNEIDER

To supply the wire/cables which connect the main machine and cabinet















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